The 42nd annual Orleans Rush Atom Hockey Tournament is for House League teams only. The participation of “all-star” or “select” teams is prohibited. The roster provided by your team must represent a line-up that plays together during the entire season. The sole exception is for properly-registered affiliate players. Non-tiered teams are not eligible to participate. Your association must verify that their Atom program has “A”, “B” and “C” levels.

Tournament acceptance is based on the order of registration, but we only accept 1 team per association for each level (A, B, C). However, if after entering one team from each association into the tournament there are still spots remaining we will allow associations to have more than 1 team in the tournament, again following the order of registration.

Before registering, please read the Tournament Rules & Regulations carefully, it is your responsibility to be compliant.

Your registration will not be considered until payment has been received. Once you are accepted into the tournament you will be sent a link to enter player and team official information. If you are not accepted to the tournament your payment will be refunded at that time.